Policies of Traci Hardin’s Massage Clinic

Cancelation Policy:

Failure to cancel or modify your appointment less than 4 hours before your appointment, will result in a 50% fee billed or charged to your debit/credit card of the set appointment. You will be considered a “no call, no show” if you fail to show for your appointment without canceling. This action will result in a 100% fee billed or charged to your debit/credit card on file.

What to expect at the Massage Clinic:

I will do everything possible to ensure that your experience is positive and rewarding. You’ll be asked about your reasons for getting a massage, current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress level, areas of pain, and other pertinent topics. You’ll be asked to undress to your comfort level. If you do undress, you will do so in private and drape yourself with the sheet. You may leave anything on you wish, at your discretion. You’ll lie down on a comfortably padded massage table. I will only undrape the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.

You should expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for your massage. Report any distractions of any kind; whether from physical discomfort, room temperature, or volume of music and I will change them accordingly.

Your time is your time.

I do my best to respect your time. We all have busy schedules and I don’t want you to be late for whatever you want to do after you have come here. The time slot you ask for is what you are paying for. That appointed time slot is completely yours. If you run late, the time left in your appointment is what you receive. You will still be required to pay for the full session even if you come late. The session will not bleed over into someone else’s time. That would be unfair to them if it did. Just think if it was you who had to wait.

Please show up a little early if it is your first time to fill out some paperwork. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to a qualified healthcare professional.

Have a cold or the flu?

Please call and let me know if you have a cold or the flu and we will reschedule your appointment. You may feel worse after a massage and we don’t want to spread the germs. Stay home and get your rest or contact your doctor if needed.

Explanation of Discounts:

Even though my prices are fair market value, sometimes I will run specials and give out some type of discounts.

Discounts may not be combined.

If I let this happen, I would not be able to afford my rent and you would be without a massage therapist.

Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for the Cash Value of the Massage.

Gift certificates are bought because someone thought you needed a massage to help with your health condition or stress levels. If you have an aversion to someone touching you, you may ask the purchaser if you can either pass the gift certificate on to someone else or give the certificate back to the individual that purchased it for you. Of course thanking them politely and letting them know why you do not wish to use the certificate. Most people will understand if that is the case.

Discount Packages

The Discount packages are for in office only, not valid for gift certificate sales. These are for the person who pays for the package for themselves and comes in within a specified period of time. I offer at other times throughout the year discounts for purchasing gift certificates. If you have any questions about these policies, please call me and I would be happy to talk with you.

Gift Certificates Available

( Please print purchased Gift Certificates, and deliver them to your intended recipient. )

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