I just had to say, I got a prenatal massage yesterday. I have had excruciating back pain for nine months and was going to the chiropractor three times a week and after my massage yesterday my pain is 90% better, wishing I would’ve tried prenatalmassage sooner, Tracey was amazing! Will hopefully be back again before baby is here!

Alex kite    January 11, 2022  

Dear Traci
Thank you so much for relieving the pain in my hand yesterday. You listened to my pain concern and were spot on. I can’t wait until next time! Thank you for helping my rheumatoid arthritis bearable. Always wondered if massage would be a better pain reliever than other methods, you were perfect!

Rosanna    February 3, 2021   Festus   

I have been dealing with chronic back and neck pain for years. There is no way I want to take pills of any kind to deal with my condition. Traci is absolutely the best massage therapist I have seen and I am so grateful for her help.

Norma Roy    June 22, 2018   Festus   

I have been going to Traci for over a year now. Each visit, I am amazed at just how good she is. I leave the sessions totally relaxed and free of pain. She is simply the best at what she does!

Tom L.    October 24, 2015   Festus   

Had my first session with Traci this evening. She is an expert at what she does. I have had other massages, but they pale in comparison to Traci's technique. Her talent of finding the sore spot without a word from you is truly amazing! I will definitely be going back.

Tom L.    October 11, 2014   Festus   

I just returned from a one hour session and it was amazing...
I felt like I was there as a third party witnessing how Traci, through touch, read my muscles and joints inch by inch, head to toe then performed her massage skills (magic) to treat what was ailing.
I am a 63 your old male who uses these sessions as an incentive to lose weight. I setup this appointment as soon as I reached my 5 pound goal and will start looking forward to rewarding myself after losing the next 5 pounds.

Traci is very good at what she does.

Steve R.    August 3, 2014   Desoto   

What a wonderful experience! Traci does a wonderful job of putting you at ease and comfort. She relaxes your muscles and works wonders on a tired body. I will definitely be back!

Jane    May 10, 2014  

I was long overdue to Traci's and glad that I took the time to visit her yesterday. Traci constantly improves her facility and skills and her expertise is evident in how I feel today. Thank you Traci for your devotion to your craft!

Tina Koenen    February 18, 2014   Imperial   

What a wonderful experience; I will definitely be returning! I liked the convenience of online booking. Exceeded my expectations and highly recommended.

Mike    December 12, 2013   Festus, MO   

Traci is the only person to help me get rid of my horrible migraines. I tried shots, meds, and a lot of money going to the MD. Traci helped me with the cold stone treatment for migraines and it was the only thing that rid me of my headaches. I'm a firm believer massage therapy can help anyone. Traci is always knowledgable and helpful.

Jackie    March 30, 2013  

AMAZING!!! This was the first time with Mandi Jo, and just like Traci, she was fabulous! She found and worked on so many unknown knots all around my upper back,shoulders and neck. I also got the paraffin foot treatment. Overall, JUST AMAZING! Thank you!!! :)

Mackenzie Baer    January 25, 2013   Festus   

I have been going to Traci for many years and she is awesome!! She has helped me get through a lot of stress, tension and pain. She is very compassionate and caring to all of her clients. I recommend Traci to all of my friends and family!!

Cindy Fallert    January 18, 2013   Festus, Mo.   

Traci has been my massage therapist for a few years now and I know I can count on her to relieve the stress in my back and shoulders.
Traci provides a relaxing environment for each visit and makes you feel very comfortable with her cheerful personality. If you need a massage or any of the other services she offers this is the place to go. Thanks Traci for the wonderful services you provide for the community.

Mike V.    January 3, 2013   Festus   

Good massages and relief from srtess only thing is cramps in foot and left leg inside behind knee area bad at nights. but other than that good masseuse.

Rick M.    October 10, 2012  

What a wonderful service that Traci provided.
Really helped on the muscle aches and pains I had.

Wendy S.    September 24, 2012  

Love that you can book appointments online. Great website! I came in today tied up in knots and left feeling wonderful! I will definitely be back!

Erin K.    September 20, 2012   Herculaneum   

Your facility is so clean and neat, the experience was very good. I'll be back again.

Gary D.    September 18, 2012   DeSoto   

Thanks again for a relaxing massage. You're the greatest!

Tim Y.    September 18, 2012   St. Louis   

It was a great experience. Very relaxing. Thank you for helping with the message on my frozen shoulder that is being treated.

Debbie B.    September 18, 2012   Festus   


Wrecking Bill    September 10, 2012   Festus   

Booked a massage with Traci last weekend for the first time & couldn't be more pleased. Best massage I've had in 7 years (& I've gone to about 3 other massage therapist since then. They don't even compare!) Very glad with entire experience from the ease of online appt booking to the environment to the professional yet friendly personality of Traci. And especially the massage itself. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Highly recommended.

Anne M.    July 24, 2012  

Went to Traci for the first time today & was VERY pleased with the entire visit: from the professionalism to the absolute great massage which worked wonders on my sore shoulder as well as my sinuses. Traci was very friendly & made me feel very comfortable. Being new to the area, I have found the massage therapist I plan on keeping.

Anne M.    July 20, 2012   USA   

The best technique I have ever experienced. Thank you! Not only will I be back but I will be referring friends & family as well.

Laura H.    June 22, 2012   De Soto   

That was a great 30 min massage!! Thanks so much!!

Erin Y.    January 24, 2012   DeSoto   

Thanks Traci for a wonderful much needed massage. You have a healing touch and a caring heart.
Your massage room was comfortable and relaxing. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Linda P.    January 19, 2012   Hillsboro   

It was great! i couldn't think of anything to improve on. 5 stars

Kay W.    January 18, 2012   Festus   

Too soon to say how my back will respond to my massage today, but so far so good. I was impressed with your office, the computer web page for appts., and the massage treatment.

I hope to make having a massage fit more often into my routine this year, although it is a treat for me, being retired, less $$$ etc., but I am trying to fit this into my budget.

Will also get appt. with Dr. Pappas and I think some of his service is covered by Medicare, so I will be juggling services and hopefully find the best fit for my budget. I think I will get a different benefit from each of you, so I hope to do both more often.

S. Vance

S. Vance    January 18, 2012   DeSoto   

“Traci is an accomplished massage therapist. She can knead your muscles with deep massage to the point that you'll fall asleep on the massage table, as I have on several occasions. A very personable therapist, she'll recommend medical treatment if she feels your problem requires it. Call Traci if you need her to knead you.”

Michael E.    January 16, 2012   Festus   

Appointment was on time, room was attractive, massage was wonderful! Everything was clean and inviting. One of the best massages I've had. I will return.

Tonda B.    January 12, 2012   Festus   

I have known Traci for 7 years and really like the time that we can share our knowledge and the passion that we have for massage. I highly recommend Traci because she is thorough in what she does. She goes out her way to help you out when you need additional help. I tried her Bamboo Massage and can endorse this for her. It works like deep tissue and seldom have I seen relief like what I receive from Traci. Be sure to try it out and be prepared to feel the tension and tight muscles disappear.

Vicki Carpenter    December 9, 2011   Festus, MO   

Very professional. Massage was REAL great. Thank you!

Carolyn P.    October 19, 2011  

Traci always does a great job

Mike V.    September 24, 2011  

thank you for the way you take care of me mentality at times as well as physically. Know that I say a prayer for you and your hands everyday. Have a great week and may you be blessed any many ways. Peace, Carolyn

Carolyn P.    August 15, 2011  

Very good service. Professional & customer-oriented. Would definitely recommend Traci's services & plan to return.

Kimberly P.    August 13, 2011  

Traci you are amazing! I can't think of anything that would improve your massage. I will be back soon.

Ann W.    August 8, 2011  

I've been seeing Traci for a weekly massage for a few years now. In short, she's wonderful! Very professional, and always attentive to current needs. In the beginning, I started going to her for a "frozen shoulder" I had as a result of working in too static a position at the computer for many years. In just a few short months I completely regained my lost range of motion, and am totally pain free today. I still see her weekly for an hour long massage, which I always eagerly anticipate.

Bob De Garmo    February 24, 2011   Festus, MO   

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