Putting Balance in Your Life

Hello — Have you been planning some life-style improvements to enhance your health and happiness? This is a good time to look ahead and decide what steps to take to make the most of your life.


Before you get caught up in your day-to-day living, take a few moments to review your life-style and make sure your priorities enhance the quality of your life.


As for my goals … I plan to do whatever I can to help you feel and be your best. Part of this will be sharing information that you may find useful, such as in this letter. I want you to have the best health and happiness possible. If there is anything I can do to help you, please ask me. I’ll do what I can.

When you set your health goals, be sure to make your regular massage sessions part of your plan. This is a form of health maintenance that can pay you big benefits in the way you feel and can contribute to improved body function in the future. Let me help you make the most out of your health program—see you soon! 


From time to time we all take stock of just where we’ll be heading in the coming months. It’s interesting that so many of us will set our sights on better health, losing weight, or giving up any number of questionable habits, foods, drinks, etc. If you look deeper into these goals, you might find that the common denominator behind them is to look and feel better, and ultimately, to lead a happier life. As you undergo this periodic ritual, consider this: 


Most of the actions your body takes are to maintain a state of balance. If you overheat, your body attempts to bring your temperature back to normal through perspiring, etc. When you ingest something your body doesn’t like, it tries to eliminate it as quickly as possible. As cells die, your body replaces them. This state of balance is what could be considered the optimum condition, when all systems are functioning at close to an ideal level. 

The closer you come to reaching this state of balance at a physical level, the better you’re likely to feel. In turn, it’s much harder to be joyous mentally and/or spiritually if you are burdened with a body that’s out of balance and imposing aches, pain, lethargy, etc. 

In expanding this concept of balance further into your life, consider following your body’s example. If you set your health goal to maintain things within certain boundaries, you can hope to reach your expectations more easily. 

It follows that the more you focus on the pluses and limit the minuses, the more likely your body is to operate at its best. And to the degree you aim toward these ideals, you can expect to feel better. At the very least, limit or eliminate the excesses that can take their toll on your health and happiness.  

We all know we need to concentrate on areas that include improving diet, avoiding certain substances, and getting adequate regular exercise and rest. Be sure to drink plenty of pure water (especially after your massage) to flush your body of wastes and toxins. Also, try to avoid stressful situations that can take their toll on your health.  

Massage is all about helping your body to maintain this state of balance. Think about your body’s many functions and you can see how massage assists in maintaining this critical balance that sustains life. And regular massages, like consistency in exercise and diet, can increase your rewards many times over.    

One last hint: Make your health choices a priority! There are many reasons why you could put off implementing a healthier life-style. Focus on the reward of greater health and happiness, start now, and stick with your program. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did! 

Keep Your Eye on the Prize 

Before you launch yourself into your new health regimen, improve your likelihood of success. 

• Remember to feed your mind— A daily diet of good health information can keep you focused on your health goals. It only takes a few minutes a day to learn something new about your long-term rewards and help keep you on track. You can subscribe to a health magazine that you like or get books from the library or the health food store. Start by reading about things in which you have a strong interest, and watch your area of interest naturally expand. 

• Moderation is key— If you are implementing a new exercise program, go slowly. It’s better to build your stamina over several weeks or months than to be sidelined by a strain or injury. Similarly, using moderation in dietary changes can help you to ease away from bad eating habits and gradually substitute with better selections. 

• Tie it all together with regular massage sessions— Massage can help your body operate more efficiently, lower stress levels, improve digestion, help to eliminate cellular waste, increase circulation, and so much more. It should be a regular part of any health program, so be sure to include your next massage in your schedule! 

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“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”

—Charles F. Kettering

 “Life is the sum of all your choices.”  —Albert Camus

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